021027 - CVMC Tech Meet

On this day, we made our first attempt at a "tech" meeting. These will be gatherings at a member's home where we will help with a project or attempt to learn how to do something interesting.

Kevin Puumula was the first volunteer to host a meeting, and a decent sized group arrived to help and watch some of the things he wanted to do with his "tubbed" 69 GT.

The car is mostly disassembled, and he is going to try to repair the rear end of the car to more of a stock appearance.

We helped him get his engine onto a stand, and tried to figure out where the new frame rails are supposed to go.

Sparks were flying as we started to cut off the old chopped up rails!

Also, a handfull of members brought their cars to the meet. Here are a few pictures of the first-time attendees...

Hope to see everyone at the next meeting on Thanksgiving weekend!

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