040625-26 - VMF Corn Feed 4.0

Just wanted to give the Chicago slant on the Corn Feed this past weekend...

Gene J, Shaummy, Randy and Zim (and all 4 SWMBOs!) were all in attendance for Corn Feed 4.0.

We had a great time. The Hardees cruise was fantastic. Lots of nice cars and nice people. Plenty of Mustangs to look at too.

The Saturday drive to Pella was also really neat - with a line of old Mustangs cruising down the highway. Randy took a 1st in his class at the show too, along with one of the Iowa VMFers - Jeff Thompson.

Back in Des Moines, the dinner at Red 5 (the actual Corn Feed) was very good, featuring "grinders" prepared by a local favorite caterer.

Thanks go out to Bob Dooley for setting it up, and to everyone we met while we were there.

See you all at CF 5.0!

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