041212 - 64.5 Coupe at Darrell's House

Darrell Bergeron invited us all over to his palatial estate to help work on an old 64.5 coupe he has.

This is the car that Darrell sold to Steve Faramelli, and then got back in a trade for another car this year.

The goal was to change the doors, the hood, and the rear springs.

After a lot of work, we got almost everything done, except for re-installing the new springs. After the old ones were cut off, we realized that we didn't have the right hardware to install the new springs.

A few members brought food, and there was a lot of car talk for everyone to enjoy.

Note: a few of these pictures were taken to eventually add to my 64.5 web page, which shows things that were unique on early cars.

Thanks to all who attended!
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